January 14, 2013

Business In The Front, Party In The Back.

Greetings from Deutschland!

Brutty and I left Massachusetts on Wednesday at 4:15pm (eastern time). We flew first into Frankfurt, then changed planes for a quick flight into Dusseldorf, where we landed around 7:50am (which was really 1:50am according to my watch).

I didn't sleep a wink on our flight, so it took a little bit of adjusting, due to the time change...
nothing that a few bottles of German wine couldn't help pull me through, though!

We haven't done too much exploring of our new city yet, but I do have a few photos from the windows in the front and back of our apartment to show you what my first peek of Duisburg looks like.

Business In The Front:

Party In The Back:

Mmmhm. We live across the highway from the Red Light District. You should probably be very jealous that I get to see those neon boobies every night from our living room window.

You want to know who means *blogging* business? Check out the four pretty ladies below:


Nora blogs over at Two Is Better Than One. She started blogging soon after she married her husband Sean to share all of the ups, downs, in-betweens, challenges and experiences that come with marriage. One thing that I love about Nora's blog is that she's constantly participating in link-ups so that we can learn more about her...like what she's Currently Up To, Facts, or Miscellany Mondays. One major thing that Nora is looking forward to in 2013 is growing her blog...so head on over and check out Two Is Better Than One to show her a little love!


Misty blogs over at Handbags & Handguns. She's a southern girl who writes about her life as a firefighters wife and mother to two, along with her love of celebrities, entertainment, pretty clothes, and good grammar. (Whoops, how did you like that run on sentence, Misty?) One reason why you're going to love Misty's blog is because she's an open book - she shares the things that she believes in, the aftermath of childbirth (hello, I'm gonna pee my pants, what?), and snippety, straight up tips to become a successful blogger. Go check out the good thing that Misty has going on over at Handbangs & Handguns - I promise you won't be disappointed!


Natalie blogs over at At Home With The Hinkleys. She lives in Houston with her husband and has a love for cooking, television, music and politics. Her blog focuses on her life's (funny) talking points....like that one time she got a love letter from prison, or when her car became victim to her apartment's parking garage security bar....or when she shared a cautionary tale about her husbands shenanigans - aka, things that we can all laugh along with and relate to! Natalie will be celebrating her one year wedding anniversary in a few weeks...so head on over to At Home With The Hinkleys to follow along on their journey!


Samantha blogs over at It's All In The Details. She just started blogging about two months ago, but her blog is quickly growing...(pssst, she's one of my favorites!) As her blog title suggests, she writes about the little details that make her life story complete. A good starting point for Samantha's blog is her very first post, or this "about me" post, both of which give you little snippets about all of the things that make Samantha, Samantha! In the coming year, she is looking forward to growing her blog and to hopefully get engaged...so you should go stop by It's All In The Details to follow along and see what 2013 has in store for her!



  1. A favorite?! Awe, I knew I liked you! The feeling is more than mutual! Now go drink some Riesling for me ;)

  2. I just discovered Samantha's blog the other week too and love it :-)

    Glad you arrived safely! We have snow in the UK too at the moment! Wrap up warm :-)

    Missy x

  3. Good grammar is important, but THIS GIRL loves her some run-on sentences. Ha!

  4. Brrrrr those pics make me feel cold! I just realized the picture on your sidebar changes pictures! So cool!

  5. I miss my time in Germany so much! So jealous that you are there. Enjoy it! Tschuss!


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