February 15, 2013

Friday's Favorites

These healthy popsicles:

This shoe rack:

These heavenly creations:

These Nails:

This Website:

This Movie:

This Girl:
Hi TB readers, I'm Caley and I blog over at Ellie Love.

I am a wife to a devoted man, a relatively new mom to our little princess. We live in a small city off the East Coast of South Africa where the sun is always shining and the beach is so inviting. I am a qualified primary school teacher but currently a stay-at-home mom and part time blogger. I love the beach, outdoors, socializing and sweet kisses.

I like to think of myself as a lifestyle blogger as I blog about anything and everything. I am a hopeless romantic and love sharing our love story and how we met. I didn't enjoy being pregnant but love being a mom, and I believe I was born to be a mom and share our baby story. It is an incredible journey watching our little girl grow.

The number 13 is a lucky one in our household and I have made myself a list of 20 wishes to make come true this year. I have just recently been on an awesome holiday with one of my bestest friends to Bangkok and the travel big has bitten me again. 

Why not stop by and learn a few facts about me or view a day of my life
A friend of Kym's is a friend of mine.

Find Caley:

Have a good weekend friends!
Are you up to anything fun?

TJ has a game tonight - Auf gehts Fox und Fuchse! xo

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  1. Eek! I love those ombre nails! I wonder if it works as well as the pictures make it look...

    1. I would have to say .... probably not lol. Have you ever seen that "Pinterest fail" website? Google it if you haven't, it made me laugh lol.

  2. That shoe rack is just amazing!!! If only... not just the rack but all the shoes!!!

    Enjoy the game! I will be working more on my new apartment, looking to move in very shortly :-)

    1. Right? Since moving around so much I'm pretty sure that I would only need 2 or 3 shelves for my whole "collection" lol

      I hope that the move goes smoothly!! xoxo

  3. Kym, Now & Then is so great and brings back so many memories for me. I once transcribed the ENTIRE movie script so the neighborhood kids and I could make the movie into a play...

  4. That shoe rack is absolutely amazing!

  5. Oh my gosh that shoe rack!!! And those caramel cheesecake bars. Holy amazingness.

    1. Those caramel cheesecake bars are the first thing on my baking list when I return to the states, lol!! Have a great weekend, Niki!

  6. Thanks my sweet friend Kym!!
    Loving the ombre nails too :)


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