July 26, 2013

Goodbye, Tschüss, Adios, Aloha Y'all!

Approximately one year and 19 days ago I married that hunka hunka burning love above.

Newsflash: It's true what "they" say - you really do let yourself go after marriage.

Last night we finally got to eat a piece of our wedding cake. I hope that it tasted better last year. Woof!
TJ and I have spent a majority of the summer apart. He's been up in New York running a hockey camp, and I decided that I wanted to stick around my parent's house for the summer. I miss my brother and sister like crazy while we are away for 7-9 months of the year ... plus my dad keeps the Keurig and Chobani's stocked, so there's really no reason for me to leave. (Hi Dad ;) )

People have passed weird comments, like it's not normal for us to spend time apart during our first year of marriage. Whom whomp. Mind your businass, people. I probably would have dreaded our time apart a lot more if we hadn't booked a trip to Mexico, but we've literally been counting down the days and looking forward to this "First Anniversary" trip for months ... and now we're finally leaving TOMORROW! Yay!

Hasta la vista, baby!


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The genesis of Aloha Y’all really has to do with the passion behind it. Dana has always had a passion for style, fashion, and retail, and she manages the day to day operations of the boutique, while Mike has always had a passion for website design and marketing. Mike manages all of the IT "stuff" and is the tech guy behind their amazing website. I love the design of their website, especially how the model flips around so you can easily see the back of each outfit - seriously, go check it out, it's wicked neat!

The idea to open Aloha Y'all evolved while the two of them were on vacation in Hawaii talking about where they wanted to be in 5 years. (editors note: maybe my life will magically figure itself out while TJ and I are in Mexico, haha!)

Dana and Mike spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how they wanted Aloha Y'all to be, and how they wanted to be different. They wanted to create a clean, simple and elegant shopping experience, and they wanted to hold themselves to a few guiding principles: 
  • Keep it cute! They will only sell ridiculously cute items.
  • Keep it fresh! They will not sell last years fashions.
  • Keep it simple! They strive to never have more then 20 items in any category. Why should they stock 100 items that are “ok” when they can stock 20 that are amazing!
  • Have fun! Dana has always loved style, fashion, and retail. Mike has always loved website design and marketing. They want to build a company doing what they love, together, so they did!

And Cute, Fresh, Simple and Fun is exactly what you'll find at Aloha Y'all. Check out their current #1 seller:
Mint and Coral / Coral and MintTaupe and Coral
My current favorites include:
Sea Foam Green Chevron Dress / Blue Keyhole Chevron Dress / Coral Aztec Maxi Dress
I can't wait to see what Dana and Mike add for tops, bottoms and accessories at Aloha Y'all ... (and shhhh I didn't tell all you college girls, but they are currently working on a sorority inspired line for the Fall!)

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