August 15, 2013

Thursday Things // Organization, DIYs, and Getting My Shit Together

This time of the year, my mind always wanders and starts to think about what I'm going to do while on our 2,000 mile drive to Denver, how I'm going to decorate our new apartment with the best Pinterest-approved DIY projects, how I'm going to be more organized this year, how I'm going to actually follow a cleaning schedule and meal plan, how I will have no excuse to skip the gym because I'll have a free one available to me in our apartment complex, how I'm going to create and stick to a budget this year, etc., etc., etc. 

Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh times a charm. Let's go.

Thank you, BuzzFeed.

I love this idea. I'll be placing my order with Printstagram soon! 

I've seen these mirrors at WalMart and Target for under $10. What a cheap, easy way to open up a room!

I'm envisioning different colored stickies on this wall calendar for blog posts, work, etc.

Because neon makes me want to work out more. Sort of. (This tank is only $24!)

This weekly cleaning schedule is the perfect fix for my OCD.

Something like this printed and framed, accompanied with a dry erase marker would be perfect in my kitchen.

I love this DIY vacation savings jar idea.

I signed up for You Need A Budget last night. Their method teaches you to #1. Stop living paycheck to paycheck, #2. Give every dollar a job, #3. Save for a rainy day, #4. Roll with the punches. They also offer free, online budgeting classes led by professionals, which I think is really neat. I plan on writing a review in a couple of months, but for now read this one for more info.

Does mid-August make you want to get your shit together, too?
Do you have any organization or budgeting tips/tricks?
A new DIY project?

Please share in a comment below!


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Today I'd like you to meet Samantha from It's All In The Details.

Samantha holds a very special place in my heart, because she's my official Blog Bestie. Sorry friends, she's all mine. 

She loves to bake, hates to cook, loves sweet white wine and hates red. She loves unhealthy food and hates working out, loves puppies and doesn't enjoy cats. I mean, that's me, in a nutshell, only it's Samantha. And never call her Sam (unless it's in your own head, which I do all the time) because she has a complex about it (love ya girlfriend).

As her blog name indicates, Samantha loves details, which is perfect because this hot tamale just got ENGAGED and she's currently planning a wedding! I'm still waiting for my official blog bridesmaid invitation, and I will be sure to keep you all informed when it arrives in my GMail inbox. But in the meantime, while we wait, please go visit SAMantha at:



  1. You da bestest blog bestie ever. I'm coming to Denver.

  2. After having to go to therapy for my high aniexty and stress earlier this year, I have become quite taken with organisiation! I have a to do list which I just add to as I go and it works really well. It's also all pretty colours which helps!! I will be starting my meal plan when I get back to work when the academic year starts. I found it good for food planning but also saves pennies shopping as I get what I need not just what I want (chocolate and crisps!!).

    Missy x

  3. That mirror thing on the wall is totally genius and I'll drag you to workout with me when you get here ;)

  4. I'm the same way right now as we are moving into a new apartment at the end of the month

  5. I love YNAB, between that & the total money makeover I've definitely gotten back on track this summer! Now if only I could get my cleaning schedule that organized :)

  6. I pinned a similar instagram diy picture frame recently. I really need to get on that cleaning schedule!


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