October 29, 2013

Eight Reasons Why I'm A Shitastic Blogger

#1. I ate Chipotle for the first time on Sunday ... and I HATED it. 
Per Samantha's recommendation, I went with a chicken burrito bowl. I choked down ten bites then spent thirty minutes laying on the floor in pain. I'm never eating Chipotle again.
It's fine.

#2. I don't care about Red Cups.
Last year Starbucks had little foxes on their cups, and that was cute ... but I definitely don't go all gaga over Red Cups like many bloggers do. Those two words actually immediately remind me of "REDRUM, REDRUM" from The Shining.

#3. I never share photos of my family or friends here. 
I love reading other blogger's weekend update posts and seeing the fun times that they had with their family and friends. Me, though? I feel like I should have everyone sign a release form stating that I can use their photo on my blog before putting their faces on the internet. It just creeps me out, so I use Someecards instead.
I'm sorry, Dad.

#4. I've never been GOMI'ed. 
In my personal opinion, you're a blogging nobody until you've been asked to get off of the internet.
But I'll punch you in the uterus if you post about me there.

#5. I will never ask my husband to take outfit pics of me.
I prefer standing on toilets. And I document these moments because 5 out of 7 days I change back into yoga pants after I get out of the shower. 

#6. I had my first ever blate with Sami and failed.
If you're a bird I'm a bird?

#7. I've never eaten a macaron.
Honestly, which Blogger God declared 2013 the year of the macaron and chevron print? I can't wait to see what 2014 holds. Crepes and cartouche, I hope.

#8. My life is actually really boring.
We are really, seriously boring. I still can't believe that anyone besides my parents and grandmother reads this crap.

Are you a shitastic blogger, too?

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October 25, 2013

What I'm Loving Lately // Piper the One Eyed Painting English Bulldog

What would you say if I told you that an English Bulldog painted those beautiful pieces of abstract art up above?

Wait, scratch that ... a one eyed English Bulldog painted those pieces above.

It's true. Meet Piper:

Piper is a rescue pup, who besides only having one eye, also suffers from terrible hip dysplasia and arthritis, which leaves her unable to walk more than a block. Her mom, Jessica, is a talented artist who spends most of her days inside her art studio, and who lovingly refers to Piper as "handicapable." 

One day, after watching Piper wobble day after day into the art studio each time that she heard a paint can shake or a paper rustle, Jessica decided to put a paintbrush in Piper's mouth to see what would happen. The rest is history.

Isn't she the sweetest or what? Obviously there are a few similarities between Piper and that tubby bulldog Brutus of mine, which probably helps to make my heart go all pitter-patter over her ... but if she doesn't make your heart swell just a little bit, then I don't know what will!

I personally think that Piper and Brutus are a match made in heaven, don't you? ;)

Miss Piper has her own Etsy shop where she sells her paintings, as well as her own Facebook page where she has over 30,000 fans. Piper donates a portion of all of her sales to the San Antonio Bulldog Rescue, and she was also named one of the fifteen most influential dogs of 2012 by MSN.

Basically, that little marshmallow has all of my accomplishments in life beaten by a mile ;)

Because I instantly fell in love with Piper and her beautiful talent, I am thrilled to be offering one lucky Travel Babbles reader the chance to win their choice of one of Piper's art prints. This giveaway is open Internationally, and it will close on November 1st. 

Goodluck - and remember that life is short, so play with your little furball for an extra five minutes each day this weekend. xo

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October 24, 2013

Thursday Things

Bglorified Boutique is on my radar. They have super cute handmade knitted headbands, cowls and boot cuffs at affordable prices.

Are these sugar cubes the sweetest or what? They only cost $11.95 for three dozen!

Dear Husband who says he doesn't read my blog, but I know that he does - I would like these to kick around the house in. Kthanks.

I love this idea.

These only have four ingredients and I believe that they were created by the devil.

This custom necklace is only $24 - it's perfect for layering and gift giving!

I love when I find a new quote I haven't read before. This one is beautiful.

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October 22, 2013

There's A Fox In Your Closet

Just kidding. But apparently there should be.

Fox prints, sweaters, accessories and that annoying Fox song are everywhere. In case you didn't know, Foxes continue to be very "in" this season. And I don't make these things up, Belle from Capital Hill Style agrees that Foxes are very trendy right now - and she's like a professional fashionista, so what she says goes.

As much as I adore or think everything above is super cute ... I feel so weird wearing something with a fox on it. I feel like it screams "HI, DID YOU KNOW THAT MY LAST NAME IS FOX?! BECAUSE IT IS. YEP, YEP, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS, SEE, MY SHIRT SAYS SO!" 

Obviously I'm crazy.

I have a couple of small rings, a tank top that I work out in, and a Fall-ish scarf with a fox on it from my bestie, but anything other than that is out of my comfort zone. Am I being silly?

Are you into this whole Fox trend?

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October 21, 2013

Dinner For Two // On A Budget

One of the main things that I absolutely despise about moving two or three times per year is re-stocking our kitchen with the essentials. The ketchup and the mustard and the BBQ sauce and the salad dressings and the peanut butter and the jelly ... all of those things add up, and they add up fast.

We've kind of just been winging dinner for the past two weeks, but yesterday I decided to be mindful and create a mealplan that utilizes many of the same kitchen staples but in different, tasty ways so that I don't have to buy every single typical kitchen essential all at once.

This week's menu consists mainly of chicken, pork, ground turkey, honey, dijon, garlic, Frank's, coconut, panko crumbs, flour, grape jelly, BBQ sauce, bacon, eggs and blue cheese. All staples in our house.

(Th) Coconut Chicken / (F) Grilled Apple Turkey Meatballs / (Sa) Wedge Salad / (S) Date Night

According to the USDA's official cost of food for individuals and families (as of April 2013), a family of two spends anywhere between $378.50 to $750.60 per month on food.

Life would be much cheaper if boxed mac and cheese, bagel bites, Ramen noodles and the Dollar Menu were healthy ... but it's important to me to create somewhat nutritious meals. And as important as health, nutrition and fresh fruits and veggies are to me, it's equally important that we're stretching each dollar as far as it will go each time that I'm at the grocery story. 

Now that we're settled and TJ has officially made the team (seriously ... he came home last week with his hockey bag and I panicked and immediately asked "WTF is that thing doing here?!?") I've set a maximum budget of $125 per week for all food, pet food, cleaning products, toiletries, alcohol, and dinners out ... and I'm definitely challenging myself to stay under that threshold each week. I know that we could probably do without the wine and nights out ... but I want to have date nights with TJ, and I want to allow us to splurge just a little bit a few times per month at different restaurants in Denver.

I'm planning on utilizing grocery lists, meal plans, coupons, shopping store brands, and centering the backbone of our meals around what's on sale at Safeway and Target to stay under budget. This website is awesome, and Lauren makes couponing a breeze. I try to buy only what's in season, and we do eat some type of meat at every meal because that athlete dude of mine needs protein, and a heaping plate of legumes just isn't his thing. I mainly stick to chicken (mainly because I can't cook a good steak), and I always try to look at the cost per serving rather than the cost per pound. Rice and veggies are our typical side dish each night unless I'm feeling fancy.

Groupon and Living Social are surprisingly pretty awesome here in Denver. I always get so excited to find awesome deals on clothes, shoes, accessories or home decor at places like TJ Maxx and Marshall's, I guess it was only a matter of time before I started doing the same with restaurants and local things to do.

I'm not stockpiling 92 bottles of ketchup yet, so y'all don't have to be worried about me. Yet.

I'm curious:
What do you budget each month for food and/or entertainment?

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October 17, 2013

Thursday Things

Yes, you can.

This makes me feel awesome, haha!

This idea is the cutest. I wish that I had thought about it six years ago.

You can skip scouring Pinterest. This website lists 50 of the best pumpkin recipes. You're welcome.

Is it too early to be thinking about recreating this homemade Advent calendar?

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October 16, 2013

My Current Denver To-Do List: ✓ The Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze

This is the story of a girl named Kym.

One day, Kym decided that she really needed to purchase a DSLR camera, because that's what all of the cool bloggers have. She found an awesome deal on Amazon and charged it to her store card because Amazon offered 12 months with no interest. Score!

Kym would read websites and tutorials and tips off of Pinterest to try and learn how to use her camera, but all of the settings continued to boggle her mind. With Instagram filters and iPhone apps being so much easier to understand than things like aperture, exposure, ISO and shutter speed, her poor camera stayed locked away all alone for an entire year.

Until one day, Kym decided that she paid so much money for that dumb camera, that she might as well just use it, even if the photos that she takes will look like something that a four year old monkey could snap.

This is what happened:

Stay tuned for next weeks chapter when Kym will finally grow a pair, tap someone on the shoulder and ask them to take a picture of her and her husband, so that she has more than just pictures of mountains, strangers, and corn fields to remember her fun times in Colorado.

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