November 27, 2013

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

If you're in a part of the world that celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow, then I wish you a wonderful one filled with lots of love and pumpkin pie. If you aren't celebrating 'Thanksgiving' tomorrow ... well, I hope that you will still take a moment to give thanks - it's very often that the people and places and things that we take for granted are the blessings that deserve our most gratitude.


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Today I have someone special to introduce you to. I was paired up with Mackenzie through the Bigs and Littles Network, and it's been a delightful experience both "mentoring" her and learning more about her exciting life in JAPAN! Mackenzie inspires me with her health/clean eating posts, as well as through her gorgeous photos that document her adventures and provide a peek into what life is like all the way across the world. Mackenzie has a beautiful heart and is determined to stay true to her original purpose in blogging - so if you're looking for a truly interesting read with original content and exciting stories, stop by Bell Bliss to say hi, and make sure that you bookmark her, too :)

Tell us a little about yourself: I'm just a southern girl living a big adventure with my husband in Okinawa, Japan. My favorite things include J.Crew, bikram yoga, the UK Wildcats, Charleston, SC, Sunday drives, and a cute dog named Lexie. 

Why did you start blogging? I started blogging partly because I needed a creative outlet and partly because I wanted to document our lives. I know that 10 years from now I will be glad I have my blog to look back on and remember these times in our life. 

What are your favorite topics to blog about? My favorite thing to blog about is the adventures in our life and our experiences in a foreign country. I like to mix in a little about eating clean, recipes, and random thoughts that I feel a need to share.

What are three of your favorite posts? My favorite post is Today is the Day, a post about the day we started our journey of living in a new country. I like Perfect Moments Captured, because it gives a little insight into the beauty we get to experience in Okinawa. I also like The Dirty on Eating Clean because it documents my clean eating journey and helps keep me accountable for my eating habits.

Describe your perfect day from start to finish: My perfect day would start by waking up a making a big breakfast. I would put on my favorite outfit, most likely a sundress, and head to a farmer's market with my husband. We would get lunch at a fun cafe and talk for hours. After lunch we would do some exploring or wandering around and then head home to make dinner, watch a movie, and snuggle. Simple but perfect.

Connect with Mackenzie:


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