December 9, 2013

Sequined Style

TJ informed me last week that the team Christmas party this year will be Ugly Sweater themed ... which means that since we're (again) going to be so far away from our families this Christmas, that the likelihood of having to dress up fancy this month is at an all time low.
Don't worry though, my wallet is actually pretty ecstatic about this sad situation.

And since virtual window shopping is one of my all-time favorite hobbies, I got my fancy-fix this past weekend by creating holiday outfits inspired by the gorgeous jewels at Shane Co:

Shane Co. sells only naturally mined blue and green sapphires that are hand-selected for their beauty and depth of color. Pair these earrings with Black Sequined DressBlack Sequined Clutch, Black and Silver Stilettos and a dirty martini for a classy and sophisticated look.

Direct from Italy, the Capri Necklace is available exclusively from Shane Co. You can personalize your Capri Necklace with your initials or favorite saying, and pair it with a Beige Sequined DressGold Mesh Clutch, Taupe and Gold Toe Pumps, and champagne .... all.night.long.

Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style! Shane Co. cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster - pair them with a Red Sequined Mini DressBlack Mesh ClutchBlack Suede Heels and party punch for a night to remember ... (or not!) ;)


Can you believe I'm having a difficult time finding Ugly Christmas sweaters? Because I am. Can anyone point me in the right direction? And do you get to dress up fancy this holiday? What are you wearing?


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  1. Check thrift stores! That's where we have had the most luck, since we've been invited to a few of those over the years! And if all else fails, but a sweater that is mildly ugly and make it worse, sew bells on or little ornaments and bows and crap... haha we even had friends one year sew those "Noel" coaster looking things onto their sweaters, and other friends who somehow strung mini lights under their vests and pulled the lights through holes they cut... it was quite something! Haha Good luck girl!

  2. I NEED that beige sequined dress. Like right this second. Except I have nowhere to wear it to, but that's besides the point. I NEED IT.

  3. Those jewels are so pretty!! And everyone I've ever known has found their ugly sweaters at thrift stores or garage sales. We have a place here called the Waterfront Mission and they always have some ugly stuff. Sometimes you can make them too-- I was doing a random search for graphics the other day and came across one.

  4. Ooooh, my husband just gave me a pearl maybe I need a red sequined dress to wear with it...

  5. Sequins are so cute and festive! I don't think there will be any dressing up fancy for me this Christmas either, I'm so jealous of everyone who gets to look cute. There will be sequins happening this NYE though, even if I'm sitting on my couch. Good luck finding an ugly sweater, they always seem impossible to come by when you need them, but they're everywhere when you don't. Try looking online, I've seen a few places around that have fun designs.

  6. Wow those first two dresses are to die for. Now if only I had a place to wear them...

  7. Ps. We made our own ugly sweaters one year. Found red and green sweaters at goodwill and value village and then just bought felt, bells and other things at Michaels. We put on some tunes, poured some egg nog and spent a night getting crafty. It was fun!

  8. Ooooh! So many pretty sparkles! I'm dying over that red sequined dress. It would make a great addition to my sequined dress collection...

    Ladyface Blog

  9. I've recycled old sweatshirts - just add mini stockings, press on bows...
    I made another out of a thrift store ivory sweater - it was thin/worn; so I put a coloring page under and colored a Rudolph on it with Sharpies. I added a ribbon to one antler and pinned old dangly earrings to make a "Clarice" for me.
    I did a "Sid" (as in Toy Story - he's not nice to toys) - and made an "Island of Misfit Toys" sweater.
    I used one of Tom's old white t-shirts and made a snowman; used the scraps to make a melted snowman for him.
    This is the perfect time to use those give-away t-shirts we all have stashed aside to sleep in, or wash the dog/car in (or with!). You can get "stitch witchery" to make an iron-on; or use the make your own iron-on using iron on printer paper (don't forget to reverse the image; or perhaps in this case, don't!)...
    Find a thrift store sweater, and thread ribbon through is using a quilting needle - hang mini ornaments, or battery operated lights from the ribbons. You can make fun earrings using C7 lights and earring findings from the craft store. ;-)
    If you find an interesting enough sweater, you can glam it up with sequins - and there's no such thing as over-doing it when it comes to an ugly sweater contest!!!
    Make your own cardigan out of an old long sleeve t, and rhinestone/glitter away my friend!!
    We're having an ugly sweater/cookie exchange/gingerbread house build off on the 22nd; so keep the ideas flowing... and if you've got a good cookie recipe - share that, too!!!

    ps: you could always contrast your 'ugly sweater' with skinny jeans and some smokin' hot heels! ;-)

  10. The black and red dresses are so pretty! Yay for ugly sweater parties!

  11. What pretty jewels -- I love look #2! For ugly Christmas garb, here's a store worth checking out >>

  12. Must of the really good thrift stores are sold out of ugly Christmas sweaters by this time of year. It's really hard to find them after thanksgiving!


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