January 29, 2014

The Man With No Shoes + $2 Portraits

I was outside with Brutus a couple of days ago, bent over and picking up his business while trying to activate the eyes on the back of my head as he pulled my arm behind me and tried to keep trucking down the street, when I saw a pair of feet walking towards us.

Feet. Toes. Was I seeing this right? 

Where was this guys shoes? 

I scanned up, and his eyes met mine. The man quickly explained to me that his work boots were digging into his feet and he had to go to the hospital, but that he had accidentally left his boots at the hospital, and he was trying to find another pair of boots. 

This man was clearly homeless, and my head simply wasn't in the right place as I was trying to process the situation while trying to hold back tears and keep all 80 pounds of Brutus out of oncoming traffic ... and the only response that I could muster out was "That's super unfortunate, it looks painful! I'm so sorry!" 

He told me Brutus was beautiful, and I thanked him and told him that I hope that he has a nice day. 

I. Feel. Like. Such. An. Ass. 

And this man has been weighing so heavy on my heart and in my thoughts ever since. 

I've been replaying this scenario over and over again in my head - I had Brutty's leash in one hand and my keys and poop bags in the other. I mean, reflecting back, I certainly could have asked the man right then and there if he needed shoes and I could have turned back to the apartment to grab a pair of TJ's ... but would that have been safe? Would it have been the right thing to do? I just don't know. 

What I do know is that I need to get involved. Someway, somehow ... I need to. I wrote about this a couple of months ago, but then I flew home twice and the holidays happened, and the days just seem to go by too fast to figure it all out. 

I called the church around the corner to inquire about their volunteer opportunities ... but honestly? Honestly, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that my heart is too big, and that I'm not emotionally strong enough to volunteer it. 
I understand the importance of volunteerism, I really, truly do ... I know that we're called to serve ... I'm just so scared that I would be overcome with emotion and cry the entire time due to the harsh reality of other's misfortune. I mean, sometimes when I'm simply walking the streets of Denver tears start creeping into my eyes and the feelings overwhelm me. 
I want to help, I want to make a positive impact in the community and in someone else's life ... I just don't know how or where to start. Or if I'm even physically or emotionally able to.

Does this make me a terrible person? Because it makes me feel like one.


While researching the statistics of homelessness here in Denver, I happened to find Thomas Hawk's $2 Portraits Project. Mr. Hawk is an established photographer in San Francisco - another city with an overwhelming number of homeless individuals - and his project is simple: For every person who asks him for money, he offers them $2 for their portrait and a few minutes of their time.

Thomas didn't create the project to exploit the homeless - rather, he started it to connect with and interact with them on a human level. He created a group Flickr account and photographers from all over the world participate. Their work is so humbling and beautiful ... and I hope that your day/perspective/life has been changed as much as mine has by viewing these photos and reading each persons story:

"John has been a homeless heroin addict for 19 years and has been clean for 19 months. I asked him how hard it was coming off it and he told me it was the second hardest thing he has ever done. I asked him what was the hardest and he said coming off the drink as every time he did he started heroin again. 

He was reading a novel and asking folk for change when they went by. I gave him a fiver and asked what he would do with it and he said it would go towards his £30 per night bed and breakfast. He goes to a B&B every night so that he doesn't have to sleep in homeless shelters as they are full of addicts and they would just end getting him back on the drug.

I asked if I could take his photo and he said fire away. Nice guy dealt a bad hand."

"Steve is 45 years old from San Jose. He lost his right leg in a work accident a few years back. Since then, he has not been able to find a job and has been living in a homeless shelter and sometimes outdoors. He is very soft spoken with a positive outlook about life."

John in Oakland, CA  |  Photo Credit: Greg Jordan

"Jon was born in Marin County. He was interested in theater in high school, so he went on to take theater and design courses in college. His college major was journalism, and he also studied photography. I knew he was familiar with photography because of the questions he asked about my camera and lens.

A few years after college, Jon scored what he characterized as a "very rewarding job" with the San Francisco Ballet. He was a set designer for years. He said working on the Nutcracker ballet set was the best, and he still loves remembering his years there.

But Jon's battle with manic depression and bipolar disorder was too much. Along with important parts of his mind, Jon lost his job, his bank account, many of his friends, and his coveted carpenter tools."


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January 27, 2014

Get The Puck Out Of Here

Fact: I have no idea where TJ slept last night. And I have no idea where he's sleeping for the next seven nights, either.

I'm often asked by family and friends who live outside of our hockey bubble if I'm lonely when TJ is traveling for hockey, or if I'm sad when he's on the road.

The honest answer? No.

After seven years of "living the hockey life" I've learned to like when TJ's gone. I actually look forward to roadtrips, and I enjoy spending time apart.

You see ... call me a little bit selfish, but I appreciate quality time with myself. I look forward to sitting on the couch in my underwear, watching six episodes in a row of Glee, and enjoying a well balanced meal of wine, cheese and pepperoni for dinner in a judgement free zone.

When TJ is gone we usually talk on the phone for five minutes after a game or before bed, and we'll text random updates or "I miss you"s a couple of times throughout the day.

When he comes home I've found that I am more tolerant of the little things that he does that drives me bat shit crazy, like when he puts a cereal bowl in the sink instead of the dishwasher, or when he peels his clothes off and piles them on the floor instead of in the laundry basket that is two feet away, because I'm not dealing with it on a daily basis (Teej - I know you are reading this. This is like the equivalent of that time that I "dog shamed" Brutus on Instagram. Get it together, bud.) 

But most importantly, I'm not lonely and I'm not sad when TJ is on the road because #1. I know that he's coming home, and #2. I know that as soon as he walks in the door, the moments that we get to spend together will be quality ones. 

Granted, sometimes we are both so tired and zoned out that we sit on the couch together in complete silence and binge on Netflix ... but I always make sure that the apartment is clean, and that he gets a "homecooked meal" after seven days of eating in restaurants, gas stations and hotels, and that he feels loved and appreciated when he's home. 

These roadtrips and time apart have truly strengthened our relationship over the past seven years ... so no, I am not sad when TJ is gone ... but I will be sad when we're no longer living the hockey life and when these roadtrips are over... 

How do you let your significant other know that s/he's loved and appreciated?

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January 24, 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Vail We Go

I am heading to Vail this weekend with one of the other wives to explore the quaint town and watch a couple of the guys hockey games. I'm so looking forward to 48 hours of internet free relaxation, a hot sauna, and breathing in the fresh air at 8,000+ feet above sea level. 

I've left you in good hands for the weekend with my sweet friend Melissa from Blush & Jelly Design Studio. Melissa is a super talented web and blog designer, and her Etsy shop has a variety of pre-made templates that are only $30! If you're looking to update your site from BLAAAAAHG to BLOG, make sure you head on over to Melissa's shop and check out her lovely options.


Q. You left your office job about six months ago to pursue your love of designing blogs and websites. Where you terrified at the time? And how have the past six months been for you?
A. Leaving my 9-5 cubicle job was one of the most exciting/terrifying things I've ever done. The last day at my job I started to second guess myself but I knew it was the right thing to do - my design work was growing and I was extremely miserable sitting at a cubicle all day pretending to be interested in crazy spreadsheets. Working for myself these past couple of months has been crazy stressful and filled with lots of ups and downs - but I finally love my job and Mondays no longer suck. :)

Q. How did you discover your love for web and blog design? 
A. Before I really got into web design I started my blog, Blush + Jelly. I always loved customizing and updating the look of my blog. My little hobby little by little became something that I was so passionate about. I would spend hours reading and learning new things. Eventually I designed a few blogs for some blog friends and this made me realize how much I loved working with other bloggers to create a fun and unique space for them to blog away. I then opened an Etsy shop just to see what would come out of it - few years later I am so happy that I made that move. :)
 Q. What is your favorite part about what you do? 
A. I honestly love just about everything that has to do with my business (except bookkeeping!) - but I think the best part is my clients. I honestly feel so fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with so many talented bloggers and business ladies. Many of clients have inspired me in so many ways and if it weren't for this amazing online community I would have never had the chance to meet them. 

Q. Tell me a little about your creative process ... 
A. My creative process is totally random. Sometimes I am stuck for days on a logo or mood board that I am working on - and then one night while watching a commercial for toothpaste some colors jump out at me and next thing you know I am back on my computer designing away for hours. It doesn't make sense to me but it's usually how it works. Also, I've been learning that I am more creative late at night. So I have learned to stick to emails, shop updates, and social media during the day - and save the design part of my work for the nighttime. 

Q. Do you have a favorite design that you've created? 
A. I love all the sites that I've created because by the end of the project I feel like I have a special connection to it. Of course there are always a few that stick out in my mind because of how much fun it was to work with that client. One project that I feel I will always love is a site that I created for a small town coffee shop owned by the 2 sweetest sisters, Lyn Marie's Coffee on Main. I love how everything turned out on their site - plus I now only purchase their coffee to brew at home, it's the best! ;) 

Q. Do you see blog designs changing at all this year? 
A. Lately I've been getting lots of request for very minimal and clean blog designs. I feel like people are moving away from cluttered and colorful designs and keep things a little more monochromatic. Also, black and white seems to be the color scheme that many people are requesting. 

Q. What is your advice for the perfect blog design? 
A. Every blog is different because no 2 bloggers are alike. That's what makes blogging and blog design so much fun. I feel like there isn't one specific blog design that can work for everyone - it all depends on your mission. Of course a few of the standard tips are: have a header that makes an impression, make navigation throughout your site easy for readers, don't use tiny fonts, and make sure your readers can spot your social media icons. 

Q. I'm very jealous of all of your Instagram photos that show you galavanting around Disney. What is your favorite park, ride, and princess? 
A. I always get people asking me "Aren't you tired of going to Disney all the time?", which honestly just makes me laugh. The parks have soooo much to do and they are always changing. The Hubby and I go at least once a week to the parks - it's really the best part about living just 10 minutes away from the theme parks. It's always so much fun to head on over to one of the parks for dinner or just to watch fireworks, sorta feels like a mini vacation. My favorite park always changes, but at the moment I really love going to Magic Kingdom. Mainly because of the new "Fantasyland" area and because they have an area dedicated to Rapunzel - my all time favorite princess.

Q. What are your hobbies outside of web/blog design? 
A. My hobbies are always changing but the main ones that stick around are blogging, baking, and reading. I always complain about not having enough time for any of these things - but I am working hard to create a healthy balance between my work and my favorite hobbies.

Q. Do you have any advice for someone who has been wanting to quit their job and follow their dream? 
A. Lots of planning! Before I left my job I had already been planning on making this move - make sure your business is providing enough income, have enough savings that can get your through a couple rough months (just in case!), and have a back up plan. And one of the most important things to keep in mind - working for yourself is NOT easy. Never in my life have I worked so many hours a day and answered so many emails. I wear so many hats: customer service, designer, developer, problem solver, marketing department, bookkeeping and finance, tech support, and the list goes on. It's hard but I promise if you put in the work it's definitely worth it.

*comments have been turned OFF*
so you can go say hello to Melissa on her BlogTwitter, Facebook or Instagram
check out her web design shop: Blush & Jelly Designs

January 23, 2014

I'm So Crafty // DIY Desktop Inspiration Board

Fact: Between assisting clients, writing blog posts, returning emails, and general dicking around on the internet, it's safe to say that I spend a majority of the day staring at my computer screen.

I recently replaced my desktop image (sorry Brutus) with a digital inspiration board of beautiful images and quotes, and it's truly been a wonderful way to kickstart my day and stay focused on 'the important things' throughout it.

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, and that you attract things into your life based on your thoughts, so I chose the images that I wanted staring back at me all day very carefully.

What I love about my desktop inspiration board is that there are no scissors or glue or piles of magazines involved - I simply gathered images that I love off the internet and Pinterest, clicked on this website to find out what my screen resolution is, used the collage feature at PicMonkey, and went to town creating. I completed this project in under thirty minutes, and you can too! 

Have you ever created an inspiration board?
Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?


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January 21, 2014

I'm Four Months Hysterically Pregnant. And It's So Funny It Hurts.

Preface: Dad, you should probably stop reading this now. For everyone else: This is the most uncomfortable blog post that I've written to date. Mostly because I've been thinking about the direction that this blog will take once I either truly do become pregnant, or if I go the route of writing about our struggles to conceive ... and the thoughts scare me. Will I lose some of my readers if/when I start writing things that only a "mommy blogger" can? Will I lose some of my readers if/when I start writing things that only an "infertility blogger" can? This is all very strange and new territory for me - but for the sake of transparency and keeping it real 'round these parts, let's jump right in: SURPRISE! I'm four months hysterically pregnant. And it's so funny, it hurts.

I recently started re-watching Glee from the beginning, and there is a scene early on where Terri, the wife of the Glee Club director announces her pregnancy and does the happy dance and tells her family the news, only to go to the doctor for an ultrasound to be told she's experienced a false pregnancy - a "hysterical pregnancy" - and that she is in fact not pregnant. She is completely confused because of her weight gain and food cravings, and the doctor informed her that sometimes when you want a baby so badly, your body will start producing pregnancy symptoms and hormones and trick you into thinking you're actually pregnant.

Well, hot damn. You all should start calling me Dr. Fox, because I've been self diagnosed.

Listen - I don't want a baby sooooooo (see: obsessed or crazy over it) badly - TJ and I are very well aware and in tune with the fact that these things take time unless you're 14 years old - and that your husband actually needs to be around during ovulation time and not on a bus traveling to Timbuktu for hockey in order for one to conceive - but quite frankly, I'm a little tired of the tricks that my body has been playing on me.

You see, for the past four months during the "two week wait" before my expected period, I've been experiencing breast growth (which hey, can't complain about that), weight gain (I can and do complain about that), food cravings, food aversions, nausea, and some other symptoms that TJ has requested that I keep off this nutter-butter confessional space.

I've had the both of us convinced for the past four months that I was pregnant due to my sore breasts and vomiting and exhaustion and overall feeling of being pregnant ... only to face disappointment via a stark white test that screams, "Haha, Bitch! Nothing to see here! Move along! Better luck next time!" 

It's been a real treat, let me tell you.

But this last cycle was the real kicker - I found myself three days "late" and mustered up the drive to the store to spend $16 on a pregnancy test, only to get my period four hours later.

Checkmate! Fuck you body, this game that we're playing really isn't fun anymore.

And for those of you who think that I'm teetering on falling off into the deep end: Imagine that you just sliced yourself a big fat juicy lemon and that you're sucking on it. Is your mouth automatically producing more saliva? I think a "hysterical pregnancy" is something like that.

I guess on the plus side, TJ and I still have 11 more chances this year to try and get this baby-making dance right. And you'll be the first to know. After my mom and dog, of course. Oh and TJ too, he should probably find out before all of you people.
But hopefully I have Baby Fox news to share soon. Fingers crossed. And either way, I hope that you'll all stick around.


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January 20, 2014

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today I had just turned eighteen years old and I didn't have a worry in the world, other than that douchekabob college boyfriend that I had at the time.

I somehow managed a social life, eighteen credits of dance and academic classes, taught dance for 30 hours per week, coached cheerleading for 15 hours per week, waitressed for 25 hours per week, and bartended for 10 hours per week. Now that I think about it - when in the hell did I sleep?

Malibu Baybreeze with Absolute was my drink of choice, Taco Bell was my go-to dinner, Mean Girls hadn't even debuted yet, I thought that I was fat even though I weighed twenty pounds less than I do now, and I had big aspirations to open a dance studio.

I never, ever would have thought that I'd spend time living in West Virginia, Texas, Florida or Colorado. I never would have believed you if you told me that I would pack my entire life into two suitcases, live outside of the country, or have to rely on a man's money to buy myself something as cheap as a coffee because I couldn't work and didn't have a dollar to my name. I never would have imagined that I'd visit Paris or that I'd be able to order a real German bier and bratwurst in the native language while living on German soil, or that I'd have best friends who live all over the world. I always wanted a Yorkie, owning a bulldog would have never crossed my mind. I was convinced that me and my high school boyfriend would eventually work things out and that we'd live happily ever after, and if someone asked me to go to a hockey game back then I would have laughed in their face and said "Hell no! That shit is boring!"

It's really, really funny where life takes you, isn't it? If I were to be completely honest -  my life has not even in the least bit turned out how I envisioned for it to ten years ago. 

And you know what? I am so, so thankful for that. Because I honestly can't imagine my life any other way now ... and all of the things that I didn't plan for back then have been the best moments of my life.
I don't dwell on or regret any of the decisions that I've made over the past six years that took me away from my personal dreams and aspirations and brought me to where I sit today - but I often wonder - what would that headstrong, motivated and independent eighteen year old girl think of me? Would she be proud of me and how our life turned out?

What would your eighteen year old self think of you? 
Would she be proud of you?


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January 18, 2014

It's Not Where You Take Things From, It's Where You Take Them To

One of my favorite comments recently came from Megan at Grad School Needs Hobby. She referenced the book Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon, and gave the quick synopsis about how "he discards the idea of true originality and has a lot of quotes about how people steal pieces of inspiration from a number of others to make their own creations."

Honestly? I couldn't agree more, and I was truly delighted to see what others had to say about all of this.

While I have never personally read the book, I have seen numerous quotes from it, one of my favorites being:

When you stop and think about it - are our thoughts even our own, or are they a giant culmination of films and books and conversations that we've seen and read and had?

I have a few friends taking over the rest of today's blog post sharing what has been inspiring them lately. Their answers further prove that we gather inspiration from anywhere, anything, and anyone, and I think that is beautiful. 

Meet Erika from All Things E

I'm a 24-year-old living, loving and learning in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2014, I'm striving to live more simply, intentionally and beautifully (while staying as childish at heart as possible!). I like to think of myself as a rational minimalist, a dreamer, a tweeter and a reader. On my blog, I share stories about friendship, family and life as a single 20-something in a newish-to-me city while sprinkling in yummy recipes, apartment decor & DIY projects, heartfelt book reviews and the occasional travel re-cap. 

What has been inspiring you lately? AH so many things. A few sites that I am really loving right now are Hello, Month, The Unlost, and Alexandra Franzen (she'll probably always be one of my favorite reads). Beyond that, I'm a sucker for collecting inspiring quotes on Pinterest, so I look at this board often. On Instagram, I love following one of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon - he shares a newspaper blackout poem everyday and something about the dedication behind that really inspires me (his book, Steal Like An Artist, is also one of my favorites). Speaking of books, I just finished How to Be Interesting by Jessica Hagy and am currently reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Both of them have really inspired me! :) 

For your weekend entertainment:


Meet Christina from Route Bliss

I'm Christina of Route Bliss. While I've been blogging for over a decade now, Route Bliss itself has only been around since the Summer of 2013. RB (as I've dubbed it) is where I share my love of travel and photography as well as what I'm learning on my journey to healthier living (adapted recipes as well as running and fitness tips and grumblings!). 

What has been inspiring you lately? Beginning this month I'm participating in the One Little Word project as well as sharing inspiring thoughts I come across each week on my Instagram account -- search for the hashtag #52inspiringthoughtsin2014. Right now the quote, "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." by Ralph Waldo Emerson is becoming my daily reminder to look for the good in each day when I have no control over everything around me! (see this sketch by Holly McCaig - http://instagram.com/p/ipWRxdlWNn/

For your weekend entertainment:


Meet Stephanie from Insert Classy Here

My name is Steph and I blog at Insert Classy Here. I ramble on about our new life on the East Coast, my dogs and whatever random things are on my mind. I try to be funny, wish I traveled a little more and have the best partner in crime/husband.

What has been inspiring you lately? My inspiration comes from the little things each day that bring happiness to me and people around me. One of my favorite quotes is: "We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." - Charles Kingsley

For your weekend entertainment:


Meet Kate from Diaries of an Essex Girl

My name is Kate and I am a British expat who still hasn't decided what country I want to live in, so, I just hop around and like to write about my experiences. Although I write a lot about my travels, I would consider my blog to be about travel & lifestyle because currently I am trying to plan a wedding in 3 months, make the transition to self employment and am a twenty-something finding her way in life.

What has been inspiring you lately? My inspirations lately have come from digital illustrators. I'm really into work by Gemma Corroll and her work is really encouraging me as a web designer to work on my illustrating skills so I can expand my services. Plus, who doesn't love a little doodle?! I find it so calming to sit and draw on paper or the computer, I've found it really helps to center me and help me re-focus after a stressful day.

For your weekend entertainment:


Meet Katherine from The Duchess of Blumewood

I’m a 20 something southern lady in my last year of law school. I’m tall and still wear heels, I like snail mail and history. I enjoy everything English, Henry VIII related, and Harry Potterish. My blog chronicles my life and how I try to make the world a little brighter, happier, and interesting… all with a dash of sarcasm. I started blogging as a way to keep my family updated on my life and now I use it as a creative outlet! Law is a very linear and rational discipline and I need a way to let my right-brain self free!

What has been inspiring you lately? The following quote from Abe Lincoln:"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or recjoice because thorn bushes have roses."

For your weekend entertainment:


*comments are turned off so you can go visit the ladies above and say hello!*
Happy Saturday!


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January 16, 2014

What's So Pinteresting About That?

I was scrolling through the "Popular" section of Pinterest last night and realized that Pinterest is really starting to suck. It seems (to me, anyways) that it's the same regurgitated pins and re-pins over and over and over again. What's so Pinteresting about that?

I personally only really pin recipes and quotes, but I'm also drawn to following people who pin lovely images of home decor and DIY projects. I'm inspired by colors and random beautiful things, and when I log onto Pinterest for my daily dose of a time wasting activity inspiration, that's what I hope to find.

My favorite Pinterest accounts to follow are:

Honestly YUM on Pinterest

What are you drawn to on Pinterest?
Who are your favorite accounts to follow?


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January 15, 2014

That Time I Took My 2(9) Year Old (Man)Child To The Aquarium

Teej and I went to the Denver Aquarium yesterday and we had such a great time. Since we lived in Hannover, Germany back in 2010 we've made it a point to visit the aquariums and zoos in each of the cities that we've lived in.

When we were walking into the building a mom was walking out with her young child. I'm glad I have a 29 year old man child to take to these types of places ;)

Obviously as soon as we paid our over-priced tickets and I flipped the switch on my camera to start snapping away, I realize my battery was dead. Hashtag Blogger Fail, but most of the photos from our day came out okay using my iPhone camera:

find Song Yee Designs on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Do you enjoy going to the aquarium and zoo as much as we do?
Which ones have you been to?


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January 14, 2014

From My Nana's Kitchen // Cherry Cheese Pie

While cleaning out my Nana's home after her passing on the day before Thanksgiving, we found pages and pages of her handwritten recipes, all of which I inherited. These recipes are truly one of the most touching and beautiful gifts that I have ever received, and I plan on cherishing them for the rest of my life. 

On Christmas I wanted to honor my Nana in some way, and I began to flip through the pages of her breads and meats and treats and sides, trying to find a recipe that would be perfect.

As soon as I flipped to her Cheery Cheese Pie recipe, I knew it was "the one" - my grandmother (Nana's daughter ... or, my mom's mother) always makes little Cheery Cheese Tarts for each holiday, and having this Cherry Cheese Pie on Christmas somehow didn't make me feel so far away from home this year.



1 (9-inch) baked pastry shell or graham cracker crumb crust
1 (8-ounce) package of cream cheese, softened
1 (14-ounce) can of sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 (21-ounce) can of cherry filling


1. In a large bowl beat cream cheese until fluffy. 
2. Gradually beat in sweetened condensed milk until smooth. 
3. Stir in lemon juice and vanilla extract, then pour into prepared pie crust.
4. Chill for three hours or until set. Top with cherry filling right before serving.

I plan on typing up my Nana's recipes to create a recipe book, and preserving her handwritten recipes somewhere safe. Has anyone done this before, or does anyone have any tips or tricks or services that I should consider when creating my recipe book?


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January 13, 2014

My Weekend: Just What The Doctor Google Ordered

(shhh ... but that was the first time I held our Book Club book in my hands.)
I went to my first ever Book Club on Friday night and it was so much fun! I wasn't the only one who didn't read the book - it was pretty much 50/50 - which was a huge relief because when I walked into the gathering I felt like an impostor.

I met Christa, the wonderful girl who was hosting the Book Club, through Sami - and Alexes and Darlene came, too.

The Blog World is such a silly and strange world - I mean I met Sami and Darlene through our blogs, through our computers, almost two years ago, but we all hit it off instantly when we met in real life a couple of months ago.

The world really is a small town!

On Saturday I spent FOUR hours talking with Kate, Bri and Erika.

As a part of my sponsorship options, I recently started organizing a virtual blate (blogger date) where we either chat as a group or one on one to discuss all things blogging.

Because, you know, Brutus and TJ can only listen to me talk about blogging so much, you know?

But we had great two-way conversations and I think we all left feeling very inspired and motivated to continue doing what we do on our blogs. The general take away was that 1. Blogging is weird and 2. It's better to be a voice rather than an echo.

On Sunday, Sami and I jumped in the car and drove about an hour so that I could have my first Krispy Kreme experience. Apparently it's illegal on many accounts to have never eaten one of these doughnuts before, so when we saw the "Red Light" was on, we were on our way before the clock even struck 9:30am.

Sami made sure to let the workers know when we arrived that it was my first time, so we were handed two "hot off the press".

I went up to the counter with my debit card to pay for our goodness, and I still don't fully understand why they give away FREE doughnuts, but I'm not complaining.

Oh, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts are 100% fat free, sugar free, gluten free, and calorie free, in case you were wondering.

Cheers to a brand new week!


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