September 7, 2010

Exploring Hannover

TJ had this past Sunday and Monday off from practice so we took advantage of exploring a bit of Hannover before winter weather and the regular season creep up on us. I could go on forever about what a wonderful time we had, but I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Aegidienkirche WWII Memorial
Großen Garden
The Grotto
The Berggarten
The Sea Life Hannover Aquarium
Brutus made friends!! Buster the Bulldog and Lukey the Newfoundland McPherson :)


  1. I've never been to Germany, but I want to, growing up my dad always told me stories about living there. Looks like you had a great little getaway!

  2. You are correct this photo site is a much better choice thank you :)

  3. Thanks Kristin and my dear friend FIONA!


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